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Get Paid For Doing Your Weekly Shopping!

If you didn’t know many brands like to do market research to understand the buying behaviour of customers. With this research they then look into ways that they can make the shopping experience better for customers. Being a part of this research they pay you!

Nielsen Homescan pays you just to go shopping. You can receive gift cards of your choice every month, they are really good and there is no catch at all. You do not have to pay anything to be a member. All you have to do is sign up. They will contact you to confirm that they can deliver the shopping scanner to you and that is it.

Once you receive your free scanner from Nielsen, you are free to scan as much as you like. We recommend that you use it for your grocery shopping as you are buying quite a lot of items at once. You can scan whilst you are shopping or you can scan once you are at home, whatever suits you best as you will still get paid by Nielsen. If you are consistent I’m sure you can earn enough to get your shopping completely free! Sign up to Nielsen today and get your free scanner so you can get paid to shop!

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