Free Food & Drink Samples

Free Food & Drink Samples

Free Food and Free Drink you just can not go wrong with these freebies. You can get free samples of food and drink in Australia. Its usually a great way for companies to get people to try their new products and we will have exactly that for you here. Have a look and take advantage of these freebies. 

​Auvita are giving away free samples of their healthy shake. All you have to do is click on get your free sample and fill in your details to claim your free sample. This shake is filled with vitamins and minerals to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need! Get this free sample and let us know what you think! 

​Milo are giving away free sample of their amazing chocolate drink samples. All you have to do is enter your details and your will receive your free sample by mail. Milo can be drank hot or cold, which one do you prefer? They have introduced a 30% less sugar range. Give this a try for free here!

​Hurry guys this is a hot freebie and it will go quick! Get your free Lei Cha Tea samples right here. There are only 1000 to give away so be quick! If you haven't tried these then now is a great time. Lei Cha tea is full of great nutrients and a great healthy drink. Comes in many flavours too, make sure you pick your favourite flavour as your first choice! Click on GET DEAL to get your free sample!

​Get yourself a free sample of Chewy Mooey Jerkies! All you have to do is add the flavour of your choice to your cart and checkout, it's free! You will receive a 20g sample of either of the four flavours available to you. Hurry and grab your freebie while stocks last! Make sure to share this free sample with all jerky lovers!

​You can get a free sample of gluten free and preservative free mayonnaise from Foodfx. To get this free sample all you have to do is click on GET DEAL, then click on receive free sample. Enter the required details and you will be sent a free sample pack of mayonnaise. Let us know how it taste!

Vegeta is a fabulous stock if you haven't tried you must. They are giving away free bags of their brand new liquid stock. All you have to do to claim this free food sample by commenting on their facebook post and Vegeta will message you back for details so they can send you your freebie!

You can get a free orange drink sample from Appleseed. You will receive a sample sachet of The Orchard Orange Instant Drink. It is a very tasty drink that comes in powder that you can just add water too. It's also great for smoothies and if you make dessert. Get your free sample right now by clicking on GET DEAL and entering all your details to have your free drink sent to your home.

San Churro are giving away free chocolate samples for their new Real Ruby range that will be out in September. This is a new limited edition chocolate that will be exclusive to San Churro and you can be the 1st to try it for free. To get your free sample of chocolate from San Churro just click on GET DEAL and enter your details!  

There's a new product soon to be in store and they are Seva Apple Chips! They are launching in may however they are giving the users the chance to get free samples of their Apple Chips. To have your free food sample sent to you all you have to do is click on GET DEAL and fill out your details. This free sample is available to Australian residents, so just enter your details and your free sample will be sent out to you. 

Free Pizza anyone? You can get a free pizza from Bondi today all you have to do is sign the form after you have clicked on GET DEAL. You will then have a $20 gift voucher sent to you to use. This is such a great freebie as you can pretty much claim a free meal and a drink all just by joining Bondi. Get your free pizza now! 

You can a free jalapeno sauce and a recipe book. Fire & Spice are giving away this great freebies to everyone that fills out their details. You can try their sauce and check out some different recipes you can make jalapenos with and their sauce with. Claim this free food sample right now by clicking on GET DEAL, enjoy!

Get yourself a free vegetarian starter kit. If you are thinking of going vegetarian why don't you check this out. Its a great way to get more information about becoming vegetarian and where to start. From tips to learning various different vegetarian meals. You should surely check this out as it is free!

You can get free curry powder samples from Dkhat. They are giving away free samples of their lovely curry powder so you can season your meat with great flavour! They are offering you to choose from 3 sample packs and you have a great selection such as Meat masala, Dal masala and many more. Get your free sample by clicking on GET DEAL. 

Reize are giving away free samples of their energy drink. Try out this new energy drink for free and taste the amazing flavours it holds. It give you a great energy boost if you are feeling tired and is also great if taking part in sport. Get your free sample by clicking on GET DEAL!

Venerdi are giving away free samples of their very healthy and nutritious bread. Venerdi are known for providing their customers with a very rich nourishing diet when it comes to eating their bread. So why don't you get yourself a free sample and see how it benefits you. It tastes great also I must admit!  

Wild West Worcester are giving away free samples of their Worcester Sauce. This is a great sauce to have with your meals and you get it for free! Just claim your free sauce by clicking on GET DEAL and enter the required details. 

I have to admit this is a great idea! A free snackbox delivered to your office worth $40. Full of healthy and delicious snacks. This is a great way of avoiding junk food and sticking to a healthy lifestyle everyone promises themselves in the new year. It is very convenient and can be share with all your colleagues. Why not treat your office with this free snackbox. Click GET DEAL and request your free sample.

Betaglucare are giving away free sachets of oats. They aim to help you lower your cholesterol levels if they are too high. Amongst that they are a really good source of fibre so you will be getting a good intake of nutrients. By sure to try this sample if you believe it will help you or if you know anyone that you could get this sample for. Just click on GET DEAL to claim your free sample. 

BetaHeart are giving away free samples of their cholesterol lowing beverage. These are great if you have high cholesterol and is a good way of managing it by using BetaHeart. If you have never tried this before and looking for different ways to lower your cholesterol, be sure to give this a try. Claim this free beverage sample by clicking on GET DEAL and completing the details required. 

You can get a FREE sample of tea from QiTea. They have 2 brand new blends of tea which are Slim and Matcha. They are giving away 100 samples so you have to be quick! They are great for detoxing and just for simply relaxing. Claim your free sample now and have them sent to you by mail. 

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