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How To Get Free Samples

How To Get Free Samples

Heres the best ways to claim your freebies. As you know we are filled with freebies for you to take advantage. You can claim free samples and even actual full sized products. 

So Here is how you use our site. If you are looking for freebies, just go to our Freebies page and there is a whole host of freebies you can take advantage of. Click on GET DEAL and you will be taken to our partners site. Their you can enter your details and thats it, your freebie will be sent to your door! 

*Tip: You can only claim one per household with some freebies so try not to flood our partners with the same details as you will only receive one.

*Tip: Use a separate email address from the ones you use for personal use. This will ensure that you do not miss any future updates and free samples the brands are promoting. 

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